Vodgo.pl closed! The successor and alternative to Fili.cc does not work

vodgo does not work

Pirate VOD in the back.

At the end of October we informed you about the closing of Fili.cc, a website with over 10,000 online films. After the arrest of the 24-year-old man from Bialystok who managed him, many of you were quite calm saying that there is an alternative for him in the form of vodgo.pl. Well, we wanted to announce to you that it no longer exists, because the service was probably closed by the police.

If you have recently entered vodgo.pl, you have noticed that the site is pointing to a similar page called hdkino. However, this only contains legal content or redirects to websites that allow you to view a given movie legally.


What threatens you to watch movies posted illegally online? Fortunately for many of you … nothing. In Polish law, only the dissemination of content protected by copyright is punished. This is why the use of torrents is illegal – by downloading the file you simultaneously share it with other Internet users.

A popular website is another one after Fili.cc. Serialos and Patrzaj.to, which this year have been abolished by Polish law enforcement dimensions. It seems that in the end a bastion in the form of the Chomikuj.pl website will also fall, which has recently made available to the Police data of users placing illegal "content" in it.