Valve released a patch for Half-Life almost 21 years after its release. What does it mean?

half life patch

What just happened

History knows extremely few cases of games that would be supported a few years after its premiere. Noteworthy is even World of Warcraft, which is still played by millions of people or other Blizzard productions – Diablo 2 and StarCraft – which patches they received long after their market debut. Half-Life from Valve, who got an unexpected patch after 20 years, 10 months and 18 days from its premiere, has just joined this honorable company.

The list of changes is surprisingly long.

Valve, for reasons known only to itself, decided to fix a total of several different minor errors and improve several functionalities, which, after years, only a small handful of people pay attention to. How many people will appreciate, for example, the correction of the MP5 dispersion? How much will I shout with delight at improving the speed of rotation of NPCs when running at more than 60 frames per second? He assumes that as many as will enjoy the bugfixes of weapon animations and reproduced sounds – not much.

There are a lot of minor changes and you will find all of them in this place. It is worth recalling that a few weeks ago Valve updated the slightly newer Half-Life 2 in the same way. Such moves can mean several things. The producer may be preparing to release some special game reissue or … the Half-Life 3 preview, to which he will want to add the most polished previous parts of the cycle for free.

Yes, it will certainly be.

half life 3 confirmed

Source: Valve