Valve plans to create more games from the Half-Life series

half life vr 1

There is hope.

A few days ago, we came to the official announcement of a new game from the Half-Life series. Alyx is to be the flagship VR production that breaks the silence that has been going on in the popular universe for over 12 years. The excerpt from the game released today by Valve was received extremely positively by the community. It is hardly surprising – the new HF looks great!

The premiere of Half-Life: Alyx will take place in March next year. If you are fans of the universe, but you do not have VR goggles yet, then it is probably the right time to get interested in futuristic technology. People still waiting for "three" should also be satisfied. I already explain why.

David Speyrer of Valve said the following words today:

"Many people in the company wanted to return to the Half-Life world. Thinking about Alyx, we knew that we want and must discover completely new ways of telling stories with already known heroes. During production, we also encountered many solutions that we did not even dream about a dozen or so years ago. We want to see how people react to our VR game and if it succeeds, we want to continue developing the Half-Life universe".

The last sentence can be interpreted freely, but the fans agree – Valve is seriously thinking about starting work on the third part of the popular series. For now, however, the developer is focused on Half-Life: Alyx and hopefully this project will prove worth attention.

Source: The verge