Valve cancels orders for ridiculously cheap Steam Controllers. The producer thought he had more of them

valve steam controller 1

A strange situation.

A few days ago, the network spread the information that Valve is organizing a huge sale of the device called the Steam Controller. The giant's title project, unfortunately, failed – the interest in the original pads was reportedly too small to be worth creating.

The standard price of the controller was usd 219. Valve decided to reduce its price to … 22 zlotys a few days ago. Of course, the cost of shipping (several dozen zlotys) was involved, but admit that the promotion was good. No one is likely to be surprised to hear that users have even rushed at the product.

Valve was surprised by the interest in the pad, which had to start the cancellation process. It turned out that the manufacturer does not have so many in stock. The company blamed the technical problems – Steam still allowed the purchase of additional controllers, although at some point sales were to be blocked.

steam controller 1

As Valve informs: "Due to technical problems during our last sale, we mistakenly accepted more orders for Steam than we were able to fulfill. We are currently not planning to produce this item anymore and will not be able to process part of the orders. The money will be refunded. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. "

So if you decided to order the Steam Controller at a bargain price, check your inbox. There may be a very joyful surprise waiting for you.

Source: Eurogamer