usd 68 thousand for 4 hours of using the Internet on a smartphone

telephone bill EUR 16,000, Italy

High price of carelessness.

Oh, how good to be in the European Union. For some time traveling to the countries belonging to the Community you do not have to worry about high bills for using the phone. The monthly data transfer is often a few gigabytes, and the rates after exceeding the package are not as astronomically high as they used to be. Some, however, forget that you can still pay a fortune for roaming in some countries around the world. A certain inhabitant of Venice learned this painfully.

The daily La Nuova Venezia cites story of an Italian who went on a trip to South America. Like many people traveling abroad, he forgot to turn off data on his smartphone in time. Four hours of "surfing" the internet cost him a trifle, 16 thousand euros, which in conversion into usd gives a dizzying amount of usd 68 thousand. A resident of Venice thinks this unfair and asserts his rights in court.

bill italy 16 thousand euros south america

The owner of a real estate agency has contacted the law office of consumer defenders Adico. Carlo Garofolini, president of the association, believes that the amount from the bill is "absurd and disproportionate to actual data consumption". However, it is hard to expect Italy to prove its case in court. Even in the European Union there are similar cases – just when traveling to Switzerland, where there is no free roaming, and packet data prices are very high.

I wonder what is happening now in the mind of an Italian who faces the specter of covering the costs of his carelessness. I remember years ago, when on vacation in one of the African countries, I forgot to turn off the packet data in time. Less than a month later, I opened an envelope with the invoice for approximately usd 1,300. It hurt a lot.

And what was your record phone bill? Did you pay it as a result of your carelessness or did you quite consciously screw it?

Source: La Nuova Venezia