usd 26,000 – that's the amount you have to pay for a 75-inch 8K TV from LG


Available in the LG Brand Store.

The largest of the LG NanoCell models, 75 inch TV 75SM9900PLA is now available in the LG Premium Brand Store in Warsaw. In addition to the flagship features of the LG NanoCell line, such as accurate color reproduction, deep black, wide viewing angles or an extremely slim frame, this model provides an image in resolution 8K.

True 8K resolution for extremely realistic images

According to the manufacturer, the LG NanoCell 8K TV provides 8K resolution that exceeds international standards. Good resolution is demonstrated not only by the number of pixels, but also by contrast modulation. The higher it is, the better the image quality will be. According to the ICDM (International Committee for Image Metrology), contrast modulation when defining resolution must be at least 50%. In the case of LG NanoCell 8K it was as much as 88%, thanks to which the TV provides users with a detailed picture and contrast, as well as excellent color reproduction in the highest available resolution.
8K LG NanoCell

Image quality is also influenced by nanoparticles used in LG NanoCell technology to purify colors and provide more vivid, and thus more realistic, 8K resolution image. Advanced local dimming technology optimized for 8K resolution is responsible for deep blacks, greater contrast and thus a more detailed image. The second generation Alpha 9 intelligent processor, on the other hand, analyzes image quality and optimally adapts it to 8K resolution. 2K or 4K content is scaled to extremely realistic 8K quality, increasing the amount of visible details.

8K LG NanoCell

Intelligent also in use

By processing natural language, the television can be controlled by speaking – just like during a normal conversation. LG NanoCell 8K TV with artificial intelligence LG ThinQ AI allows you to use a variety of natural formulations, such as: "Make louder" or "It's too quiet" in case you want to make louder. Therefore, controlling the TV resembles a natural conversation, making it easier and more comfortable. Voice commands also enable turning on external devices, such as a console, and convenient access to information about viewed content.

8K LG NanoCell

Available in the LG Brand Store

The LG NanoCell 8K TV is now available in Warsaw in the first in Europe LG Brand Store at Klif Fashion House, and its price has been set at usd 25.999.

This is another technologically advanced product of the highest quality available in the LG Brand Store. In October, the first in Europe, measuring 88-inch, LG OLED 8K TV was sold there – just two weeks after the premiere.

Source: LG