UOKiK warns against Bestcena.pl, Dragonist.pl and similar stores

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Late warning.

The scandal of the Bestcena.pl store does not stop. First Bestcena.pl unexpectedly stopped sellingthat a moment later information would run that the store did not sell smartphones at all, only their rental service. Internet users quickly tracked down a second store operating on the same principles – Dragonist.pl. UOKiK decided to join the case.

UOKiK warns against Bestcena.pl and Dragonist.pl – unfortunately, much too late

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection issued an official warning against companies offering rent instead of selling electronic equipment. A lot of complaints were received by the Polish office on stores based on this business model, which inform inadequately about the nature of contracts concluded with consumers.

The warning indicates examples of Bestcena.pl and Dragonist.pl stores. UOKiK informs that signals from consumers relate to the use of prohibited contractual provisions and the possibility of confusion as to the nature of the contract concluded. It is strange that the institution whose task is to protect the Polish consumer is looking at the regulations of such popular stores only now.

"Watch out for entities that rent equipment instead of concluding a sales contract with us. UOKiK will analyze the regulations and rules of operation of the online stores listed above" – says Tomasz Chróstny, president of UOKiK.

The Office recalls that in the case of rent, we become the owners of the phones only when they are bought. It is not known how the tenant will behave when the equipment is damaged, stolen or disposed of. Like UOKiK, we encourage you to review the store's regulations in terms of keywords such as "rent", "renter" or "rent". These words should be a warning against dishonest practices of sellers.

Free consumer assistance is provided by consumer ombudsmen, consumer organizations and the Trade Inspection. If you are a customer of any of the above stores, do not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities for answers to your questions.

Source: OCCP