Unusual nuclear test recordings have been made available in 4K and HD

atom bomb

Terrifying beauty.

Recordings of the best-known nuclear tests can be seen on the Internet for several years. Gregory Spriggs from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory institute is trying to digitize over 12,000 previously classified films from his archives, made in 1945-1963. Now, the first refreshed video materials in 4K and Full HD quality have been made available online, which show the terrifying power of nuclear weapons. All of the following content was recorded in the US state of Nevada in the early 1950s.

The first of the 4K movies that has been posted online presents one of over 2,000 nuclear tests that have been made around the world from 1945 to today. In this case, it is material presenting the Upshot-Knothole Grable explosion of 1953.

Other of the interesting recordings from the YouTube channel, where archived recordings are placed, presents American tests of nuclear weapons on various types of vehicles. Take a look:

You probably wonder what you see in the above movie and what happens to the cars before the sound wave arrives. It is a thermal shock wave, which, together with a radiation wave, is able to "dry" the paint on vehicles in a flash. Only after it comes a sound wave.

You can watch other recordings of the explosion on the channel AtomCentral on YouTube.