Uber can start recording audio during your journey

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So far as part of testing.

Uber once again wants to provide passengers and drivers with an appropriate level of "safety" while driving. According to the internal communication of the company, which reached The Washington Post website, the developers of the application are preparing the option of recording audio while using a transit. The company has confirmed the existence of this type of idea, but for now it intends to test it only in two places: in the USA and Mexico, with the later option of extending to other regions of the world.

Drivers driving for Uber will be able to automatically configure the feature to record all journeys, while passengers will have to activate recording using special security tools in the application – before entering the car. Drivers and passengers are not to be informed about the start of recording. Uber claims that users will receive a general warning when the feature is available. The Uber application will also ask you to access the microphone on your smartphone. Each of the recordings will be saved "for later" in case a person wants to review a possible incident.


Interestingly, each of the recordings will be encrypted, and the drivers themselves will not be able to access it. However, the function itself can cause privacy issues: both drivers and passengers. The matter becomes even more complicated when more than one person gets into the car.

Uber is struggling with user security concerns – especially in the context of sexual assaults. In 2018, as many as 31 drivers were convicted of similar acts, and at least 100 of them were directly accused. From that moment, the company does everything to improve safety during journeys.

Uber did not provide more information about the start date of the tests and their extension to other regions of the world. It all depends how the recording option works in practice.

Source: TheVerge