Uber and Bolt in Poland are becoming "illegal". What now?

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Changes await us.

Entering the New Year, it turned out to be purely theoretical applications such as Bolt and Uber become "illegal". Why? All because of the new "Lex Uber" regulations tightening the law on road transport. By introducing the new law, the government aimed to create sanctions for companies dealing in passenger transport from the level of the smartphone application. So how does all this work now?

The new regulations are officially in force from January 1, 2020, i.e. from today. Car drivers with an application to transport people will need to have the appropriate taxi license entered in the driving license – until now, this type of requirement has been used only in the case of roundbotters. However, the regulations do not require the driver to know the city's topography. However, this is not the end yet. Uber and Bolt cars to run smoothly they will also need to have a special inspection, lamps and appropriate marking on the car equipment.

Unfortunately, the new recipes are a bit leaky.

Until now, it is not known how to regulate the issue of billing in detail – after all, the application user receives it each time by e-mail, and not in paper form. Vehicle designation? In this case, it is about approving selected designs by the Ministry of Digitization: this step has not yet been completed.


If you want to continue using these applications, then there is nothing to worry about. Until March 2020, the so-called "transition period" applies, in which drivers without appropriate documents and fulfilled requirements will not be punished. From the end of March, however, it can be expected that officials will require compliance with regulations and applying for a license. Lack of proper license will result in a fine of up to usd 40,000.

Will such a move kill Uber and Bolt in our country? It is doubtful, but all people who have earned extra money on transporting people can now have a slightly difficult task.

Source: PAP