Twitch Studio is now available to everyone. Streaming on Twitch has never been easier

Anyone who has ever tried to launch their own broadcast on Twitch knows that this is not such a simple matter, especially when you want to make such a broadcast look really professional. Programs like OBS that you should use to stream on Twitch are not very intuitive, especially for new users. That's why you often give up the streamer camera.

Twitch Studio, the proprietary Twitch streaming app, comes to the rescue. If we informed about it for the first time in August, she just saw the light of day and was available only to selected people. Now literally anyone can use it. Twitch shared it as part of open beta testing.

Although Twitch Studio does not offer such advanced features as OBS, it is really simple, transparent and pleasant to use. In this application, everything is given on the tray – it is clear where to click to change the description of the transmission, the layout of the transmission image, modify the sound settings, and more. What's more, when the program starts, the microphone and webcam are automatically detected and configured, as well as the monitor resolution and bitrate.

twitch studio 1

Importantly, Twitch Studio offers access to elements that make any stream look professional. We're talking about many carefully designed screen overlays that can be modified to suit your preferences or built-in alerts. In addition, Twitch Studio offers support for many capture cards (so-called grabbers) as Twitch promised. This support currently includes Elgato cards and AVerMediaand will be extended in the future.

twitch studio 2

Not surprisingly, Twitch is developing and working on an application that is designed to facilitate streaming and encourage the use of the platform of new beginner streamers. After all, the competition is not sleeping, and is constantly strengthening its market position. This competition is primarily Mixer and Facebook.

Twitch Studio (in beta) can now be downloaded from our application database. We've included the download link below.

Source: Twitch