Twisto introduces split. This function allows you to easily split the bill

Twisto application

A convenient novelty.

From today, owners of Twisto applications can use the new feature – Twisto split. It allows you to easily split the bill into several people, for example, for a shared dinner in a restaurant. Split will be useful in every situation where we would prefer to avoid uncomfortable cash settlements.

The person who receives the split has 7 days to pay his part of the invoice. After this time, the unpaid payment will be returned to the sender. Twisto allows you to split any payment with any number of people. The minimum amount we can ask for a refund is usd 1. The application allows you to send a split bill for a shared transaction, as well as send a message or GIF.

2020-01-23 144934

Installments and Google Pay coming soon

Soon Twisto users will gain access to more functionalities. payments Google Pay are expected to be available this quarter, and fintech is planning to launch soon Apple Pay. The company is also working on implementing the possibility of spreading purchases in installments with one click.

Three months after the debut of the card and application on the Polish market, Twisto applied until 150 thousand customers.