Trends on the SSD market: getting faster and cheaper

SSD Drives 2019

2019 brought many changes on the SSD market.

The ending year is a great time for any summaries, including those on computer components. In 2019, media appeared in circulation that exceeded subsequent speed limits, and on the other hand solid state drives have become as cheap as never before.
Here are the 4 most interesting SSD trends in 2019.

It's getting cheaper

SSDs have been cheaper almost month by month for two years. Their prices have never been as low as in the fourth quarter of 2019. Calculated per gigabyte, the cost of media with a SATA interface has fallen below 50 groszy, and faster PCIe drives are approaching this limit.

While the purchase of SSD media used to be a considerable expense for a user, today equipment with a solid state drive is standard.

Plextor M6V 0020

Increasing capacity

The trend associated with falling prices meant that manufacturers began to move away from 128 GB drives. Buying them currently has become unprofitable for users, because it is enough to add a little to equip yourself with a disk with twice the capacity. Considering cost-effectiveness, consumers are increasingly turning to 512 GB media. On the other hand, more media with a capacity greater than 1 TB appeared in the manufacturers' offers – for more demanding users.

Another speed barrier exceeded

In 2019, the first media supporting the PCI Express 4.0 interface appeared on the market, thanks to which data read and write speeds began to exceed the limit of 5000 MB / s. The fourth generation of PCIe is already used commercially, but for now its full potential is being released by the AMD X570 platform. It seems a matter of time when it becomes the standard.

Manufacturers don't stop competing for ever faster SSDs. Already at the beginning of the year, the first mentions of PCIe 5.0 appeared, thanks to which further barriers may be crossed.

QLC more common

Already at the end of 2018, disks using 3D QLC dice appeared on the market. Carriers based on them are cheaper than others, but users had considerable concerns as to their lifetime. Manufacturers, however, have not given up their production, and in recent months 3D QLC disks have become popular on the market. The next year may also bring new products in this area, because in 2019 even more budget 3D NAND PLC bones were tested.

Source: Plextor