Tragedy at Facebook. A platform worker committed suicide


The company issued a statement regarding.

On Thursday (19/09/2019) there was a tragedy in Facebook headquarters. Police stationed in Menlo Park reported that a company employee committed suicide on campus.

The company has confirmed these reports in a unique statement sent to the TechCrunch website editors:

"We regret to inform you that one of our employees died today at our headquarters in Menlo Park.

We work with the police in the ongoing investigation and provide all the support to our other employees. The deceased's family is already informed about everything and at the moment we have nothing to say about the case.

We will issue an updated version of the statement as soon as we receive additional information from law enforcement authorities. "

The police, after a preliminary examination, stated that no third parties were involved in the incident. At the moment, the motive for committing suicide is unknown.

Although the situation happened in the United States, but this type of event also occurs in Poland.

So if you are struggling (or your friend) with problems, but you don't know exactly who you should talk to them about, then we remind you that you can find help at There is also a free helpline for young people in Poland at the number 116 111.

Source: TechCrunch