Toyota invests a lot of money in flying taxis

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Almost 400 million dollars.

Flying electric taxis hovering over large cities may sound like a song of the future or science fiction – but in the coming years they will become a reality. In addition to Uber, Toyota is interested in this type of technology. Japanese car manufacturer invested $ 394 million at Joby Aviation. This brand deals with development entirely electric aircraft allowing vertical take-off and landing. The entire project is to provide fast, quiet and affordable air transport services in large cities.

Joby Aviation has been working on its flying taxi for a decade. Toyota is to share with the company its knowledge in the areas of production, quality control and costs, as well as other minor elements. Financial support from the Japanese is part of another $ 590 million financing round.

Joby's authorities do not hide their satisfaction with the whole situation. The founder and CEO of JoeBen Bervirt said that cooperation with Toyota will not only allow the brand to learn a lot, but will also translate into the final launch of the new transport system, which is supposed to change the lives of many people around the world.


Joby Aviation is able to accelerate using electricity to a speed of 320 kilometers per hour while maintaining a range of less than 250 kilometers. It's all on one battery charge. The manufacturer also boasts that the vehicle itself is practically silent when moving in the air. The news about Toyota financing appeared just a moment after Hyundai presented its own SA-1 flying taxi built in cooperation with Uber.

As you can see, big brands from the automotive segment want to predict the future and manage their ideas before huge competition arises on the market.

On all this we will only use us – as passengers.

Source: DT