Tired of Windows 10? Windows 12 Lite comes to the rescue

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A mysterious project based on Linux.

Windows 10 has recently been going through an extremely bad period – mainly due to faulty updates released notoriously by Microsoft. One of Reddit users found a new release of the system marked as Windows 12 Lite. This is nothing more than a Linux distribution that is supposed to deal with many ills harassing users. One of them is even the promised overall performance improvement.

Windows 12 Lite is slightly modified Linux Lite 4.8 LTS distributionthat looks like Windows 10 with the default wallpaper and custom icons. The whole was noticed by one of the Reddit users in the local computer store and according to the "documentation" provided with the software, using Windows 12 Lite means no disturbing updates. The leaflet also bravely claims that we are dealing with a system that is not susceptible to viruses and ransomware – Windows 12 is to be resistant to everything.

Windows 12 Lite is supposed to start and run three times faster than the classic Windows 10. The creator offers boot in just 15 seconds. In addition to the poorly printed user manual, you can also use a slightly suspicious website that honestly reports the existence of an original modification of the system.


The Windows 12 Lite seller wishes 15 pounds for one DVD with software. It is worth remembering that for now it is a system of unknown origin. It is also unknown who is behind the entire project – it is very likely that the situation will clear up over time.

Windows 12 Lite will not solve Microsoft's problems, however, it is an interesting demonstration of the possibilities of Linux as an alternative to the American giant's software. In addition to Linux Lite 4.8 LTS, there are also plenty of other lightweight distributions that will run smoothly on older hardware.

Windows 12 Lite also shows that with a little constipation you can configure the system so that it actually resembles classic "windows".

Source: TechRadar