Tinder will let the authorities know if it becomes dangerous at the meeting

tinder noonlight 1

New Feature.

Meeting people you meet on the internet always involves considerable risk. Proposing a trip to a place located in the city center can help in many situations, but we can never be 100% sure that nothing will happen to us. Tinder will enrich over the next few weeks with a function that will allow you to contact the authorities at a time when it gets too unpleasant on a date.

What is new about? Everything is based on integration with the American Noonlight servicewhose functionalities will soon be introduced to Tinder. The user will receive access to a special tool (Panic Button) allowing one-click triggering an alarm. After pressing the appropriate button, the application will ask the consumer to enter the previously selected code.

If the person does not do this, the Noonlight dispatcher will send them an SMS. No response will result in making a phone call. The next step – after not answering the phone – is to call the police. However, you need permission to share location data in real time.

Developers pledge that the information collected will be used only to contact the authorities. There is no way to make them available to advertisers. Of course, there is always a risk, but help in a life-threatening situation will be rather a priority in this case.

Polish users, however, have to wait for the availability of Noonlight. Currently, only American customers can use the service.

Source: Engadget