Tinder creates an apocalyptic series. Yes, we are talking about this dating application

tinder serial 1

But how?

It seems that tinder plans to create his own original series. As reported by Reuters, the creators of the dating platform want to use the app to create an apocalyptic story based on the user's choices. We already explain what's going on.

Interactive series and movies are still only a curiosity, but enjoying considerable interest. Netflix leads the way, where we can even watch Black mirror: Bandersnatch. Minecraft: Story Mode whether You versus wilderness. All these productions are based on the interference of the viewer in the development of the action.

Tinder is to offer consumers the adventure of several heroes facing the end of the world. Use the well-known system for dragging photos left or right to make choices. The series itself will last for two hours of fun (6 episodes). The creators of the platform at the moment have not issued an official statement regarding the reports.

So it is not known when we can expect this strange creation, or on what terms the series would work. The production is supposedly directed by Karena Evans, who is behind several music videos for Drake's songs.

Source: reuters