Time to start madness! Minecraft Earth is already in Poland. I downloaded, and you?

minecraft earth download android

Pokemon Go is now passé.

And here it is! A month after US users, Poles can now download and install Minecraft Earth. The new Microsoft production has everything needed to beat the popularity of Pokemon Go. The scheme of the game is similar, and the real world is mixed here with the virtual thanks to augmented reality technology. Can something go wrong?

Minecraft Earth – download first

You can download Minecraft Earth to your smartphone via our file base. After installing the game from Microsoft and launching it, the program will install the necessary data. Before you start playing you will have to log in to your Microsoft account – this is unfortunately a requirement. Then there is the creation of a character based on free items or those for which you have to pay. Yes, there is a microtransaction system in the game and there are quite a few.

Minecraft Earth (Android) – download

Minecraft Earth download 1

After completing all "formalities" the character is thrown on a virtual map, which it is reminiscent of your real surroundings. No wonder, because the creators of Minecraft Earth use real maps to preserve the system of roads, as well as buildings, which are imaged in the game by diverse terrain. At the very beginning, the game reminds you that when traveling in the real world, you also travel in the virtual world. You should always look under your feet and look for real road hazards. Do not let the virtual world obscure the real one.

Minecraft Earth download 2

During the fun you will collect resources on the map and construct various structures thanks to them. Do you want to build something in your living room? Here you are, I have already built it. Returning later to the same place, you'll find your building. You can, of course, create a fantastic world with your friends who have installed Minecraft Earth – all you need to do is scan the appropriate QR code. It's that easy!

Minecraft Earth download 3

I like the land of Minecraft a bit more than the world of Pokemon Go and I will definitely go on a longer walk today to explore more thoroughly what the game offers. I suppose that Minecraft Earth will beat Pokemon Go with its popularity and will become a nice machine for making money for Microsoft. And what are your first impressions of fun and predictions about the future of the new game?