TikTok ensures the security of the platform through educational videos

tiktok rules movies 1

Interesting idea.

TikTok is constantly gaining popularity among young users. Therefore, the creators of the platform came up with the idea of ​​making these Internet users aware of the rules prevailing on it. Of course, they did not do it with a boring text statement, but friendly video materials created in a "tiktokowy" style.

The whole action takes place under the slogan "You’re in Control" and is primarily addressed to the youngest Internet users. What is it about? Leading (but also less known) creators are invited to record a short video material containing one of the rules of the TikToka Regulations. We are talking here about 'creating a positive environment', 'creativity' or 'no harassment'.

The first edition of the project took place in February this year. Recordings created for his needs can be seen below.

I must admit that the TikTok developers' approach to problems related to the toxic community is radically different from that of Facebook. Chinese developers want users to be aware of each other. This policy also aims to show that TikTok is slightly more open to people than other giants.

However, it is difficult to take the whole matter seriously given the platform's controversy. Please note that TikTok is a Chinese application and does not allow Internet users to comment on topics related to the situation in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Source: TechCrunch