Thread on Android with the release date – we will play next month

android thread 1


The thread from CD Projekt RED has been available in the App Store for several weeks. As developers have reported, soon the popular card game will be able to play and Android users. Production will debut in the Play Store already March 24.

In the Gwent player community (and not only) there have been voices that supposedly CD Projekt RED did not know exactly how to develop this title. The game went through various metamorphoses, and it was delayed for a long time to transfer it to mobile systems, i.e. those … the most suitable for card games.

First, Thread appeared on the PC, then it hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not so long ago CD Projekt RED abandoned console variants for the development of mobile production views. Three years we had to wait for the moment when the heroes known from the Witcher universe will be given to us on mobile devices.

Better late than never, right? CD Projekt RED has just announced that people using Android will hand out cards on March 24 – however, you can register now. You should go under THIS address and click "Pre-register". JIf you decide to take this step, you will receive an exclusive avatar at the time of release.

Source: CD Projekt