This would look like Windows 10 if the system created Apple (video)

Apple Created Windows 10

The concept arose.

Windows and nothing for a long time … these are the statistics of desktop operating systems in a nutshell. Microsoft's main competitor in this field is Apple with its own MacOSwhich is considered a system designed with attention to details, especially from the visual side. So let's imagine what Windows 10 designed by Apple would look like.

Windows 10 has evolved considerably over the past few years, and Microsoft is making significant changes, including visual changes. For example, May update this year introduced a clear interface theme. Soon new icons will debut in the system.

1903 menustart

A bright theme in Windows 10 May 2019 Update

While Microsoft has taken its own course in creating the interface, some would prefer the technology giant to be inspired by Apple. Interesting appeared on the Avdan channel, conceptual video depicting how MacOS might look like Windows 10. See for yourself:

The concept provides a mix of features that are already available to Microsoft users, but with improvements from macOS. Dark theme, improved search and iPhone integration are just some of the features provided by Avdan.

Of course, you should not expect Microsoft to go in this direction. However, the published material shows that the two systems are similar in some respects. Certainly many Windows users would enjoy the convenience of MacOS and vice versa.