This user has installed Spotify on … a vacuum cleaner


Fantasy is never enough.

Spotify is nothing more than the most popular streaming service for playing music. The application itself that allows you to use Spotify has many functions – the most important of them are the ability to remotely control the player and cross-platform playback that can be switched at any time. One of the users decided to use the options described above cleverly and he installed Spotify … on his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. Because in total … why not?

Eddie Zhang used Raspotify to launch a streaming application on a Xiaomi first generation vacuum cleaner – a device that at first glance resembles an iRobot vacuum cleaner from Roomby. Raspotify is a modified Spotify client for the Debian system running as part of a small Raspberry Pi computer. Thanks to this, Spotify can send music directly to the tragic speakers located in the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. You can see the whole procedure on the video below.

Of course, it is known that the whole project can not be taken seriously. It's rather simply presenting the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi itself and the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with built-in speakers – Spotify is just an addition. As you can see on the video, the music played is practically jammed by the suction system used for cleaning by a vacuum cleaner. Despite this, Eddie Zhang on his blog explained in an accessible way the entire procedure of operation and all the steps that will need to be taken to install Spotify on his vacuum cleaner.

The speakers located natively in the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner are used to play sounds while issuing voice commands to the equipment. They have not been adapted to play music in any way, which can easily be associated with hearing the quality of the sounds coming from the housing itself.

It is doubtful that anyone will follow in the footsteps of Eddie Zhang, however the internet is full of nerds and crazy peoplethat can get inspired by an idea and come up with something … even more twisted.

Source: XDA