This tool allows you to update Windows 7 for another 3 years

Windows 7 3 alta update

You take advantage?

January 14 is an important day on the calendar for many computer users with the Windows 7 operating system. That's when Microsoft's favorite system loses support and stops updating. Companies using this software will be able to pay additional support for several years through the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. Hackers have just managed to create software that will allow individual users to use ESU to update your soft … for free.

The Redmond giant has recently released an update for Windows 7, whose only task is to introduce to the system a function that verifies whether a given computer qualifies for using ESU. Talented web surfers from MyDigitalLife have quickly created a tool that is able to bypass security in such a way that Windows 7 users enjoy free system updates on the same terms as ESU program participants, but without any fees.

The method is effective at the momentbut it is not known if Microsoft will block it quickly. It seems, however, that once verification has been bypassed, it may happen again in the future, if of course the American company decides to torpedo the currently operating method.

If you want to stick to Windows 7 for some reason instead upgrade to Windows 10 for free, please visit MDL forum. There you will find the BypassESU program, about which I write in this news.

Source: MyDigitalLife