This technology can change wireless headphones for good

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More and more headphones that appear on the market are equipped with active reduction of ambient noise. This type of equipment allows you to close yourself in a kind of "vacuum" and isolate from reality. The described functionality can become dangerous when traveling around the city. The biggest enemy is not only reflection, but also the busy environment that surrounds us. However, scientists from Columbia University want to remedy all this.

A group of researchers has created pedestrian warning system marked as PAWS. His task is not only to detect the danger around the person using the headphones, but also to inform the listener with an appropriate message that he will pay attention to what is happening. Technology for smart headphones works using machine learning algorithms for vehicle sound interpretation.


The whole idea is to recognize and classify motion from a distance of up to 60 meters. Thanks to voice prompts, PAWS may also provide information on the location of selected vehicles. The design of the headphones equipped with PAWS uses a number of microphones located in different parts of the accessory. Appropriate motion recognition is carried out by means of sound recording and processing – the results are sent to the smartphone on an ongoing basis. The mobile device uses machine learning on an ongoing basis to distinguish between what is the sound of the vehicle and what is a harmless noise.

The PAWS system is not ready yet. The project was received $ 1.2 million financing from the National Science Foundation, and the engineers themselves place a lot of hope in it. Probably by the end of 2020, scientists will be able to hand over relevant patents and solutions so that PAWS can be introduced to the commercial market, and finally to headphones in stores.

This type of solution can because effectively reduce the number of road accidents.

Source: DT