This month, probably the largest Windows update ever made available

Look at the calendar. What do you see Yes, the second Tuesday of the month is behind us, and that means a fresh delivery of updates for Windows under Patch Tuesday. It seems that this month Microsoft has really tried, and the set of patches is probably the largest that has ever been released.

This month, the Redmond giant released a total of 99 different patches, including 12 marked critical. If you include patches for Windows 7 business users on this resource that have paid extended support, the total upgrade exceeds 100. Not bad!

Most of the improvements were developed for Windows 10, although some are associated with previous versions of the system. One of the more important patches concerns the CVE-2020-0674 error and removes the zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Yes, in the one that almost no one uses anymore. Nevertheless, the gap can be dangerous.

"Even if you're not using IE, this error may still apply to objects embedded in Office documents. Given the workaround – disabling the jscript.dll file – it corrupts a lot of functionality. The patch should be urgently installed". explains Trend Micro.

windows update february

Another of the patches concerns the Microsoft Secure Boot function, which prevents the activation of malware at the system startup stage. "This security bypass error could allow attackers to bypass the secure boot function and load untrusted software onto the affected system. This is one of the commonly known bugs patched this month.", says Trend Micro.

Of course, for an update that improves so much, be prepared for something to go wrong. For me, the updates have already been installed and so far everything seems to be working in the best order. How about you?