This is the end of the iconic Orange SMS Gateway. Goodbye, Poles will not forget you

sms gateway does not work

Times changes.

If you still remember the times of Nokia 3310 and only slightly later phones, you certainly remember the mania for sending SMS. Short text messages were once upon a time the basic form of distance communication for Poles, and record holders sent thousands of such messages per month. The reason was simple – one message could only contain a maximum of 160 characters, so they were created in power. It was at that time that SMS records were breaking popularity records, enabling them to send messages in a convenient way from a computer, often for free. One of the most popular SMS gates was the one from Orange, which is now being liquidated.

People logging into the and goals periodically have an unpleasant surprise. There is a message saying that both services will only be active until January 31 this year. "On February 1, 2020, the" SMS / MMS from the Internet "service will be disabled. Users of SMS / MMS Gateways, available at the addresses and, will no longer be able to use these services."we read.

sms gateway end

Orange, until January 31, 2020, gives time to copy its data in the form of the content of selected messages, because after that date they will be deleted.

SMS gateways have lost their validity in recent years. The place of short text messages was taken by much more convenient instant messengers, which can be used virtually without limits considering the impressive Internet packages in the offers of all telecoms. People who want to send SMSs do it as part of the no limit packages from the level of phones – after all, you can do it basically for free.

A year ago, its SMS gateway turned off the Play network. The last bastion remains the Plus network, which still offers its gate, and so far it doesn't seem that anything will change in this matter. There are many other gates on the market, however, often using them comes with fees and it is often a regular non-working scam.