This is the end of notifications about the end of the application update in the Play Store


Good or bad?

Notifications are an integral part of using smartphones. However, pop-up alerts can sometimes get really annoying – Google seems to be aware of this because it decided to get rid of one type of notification from the Play Store.

The title service has a wide range of notifications. We are informed at the time of detecting an updateable application or when the system has the latest software installed. We will soon forget about these last alerts.

In November last year I planned to write an article on the same subject, but it turned out that notifications about the completed update came back. So users found their temporary absence to be a mistake and everyone forgot about it. Google has just announced that it was a deliberate act.

A spokesman for the giant from Moutain View confirmed the work on default mute notification of the installed update. Until now, it was possible to disable these notifications from the settings level – but now even Google has recognized them as spam. However, it is not known when exactly the alerts will disappear from the Play Store. This seemingly insignificant change is still being tested – it shouldn't take much time to implement it.

Source: Engadget