This is already happening. Employers reported for emails outside of working hours

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Maybe it is worth putting the phone and computer aside after work?

The development of modern social media and communication methods has meant that employees are often kept on a leash by their employers, also outside of working hours. "One short question" by phone in the evening, or "urgent mail" leisure time is the norm in some companies. Workers in some countries around the world have started to fight it.

For some time in France it is forbidden to send employees emails outside their working hours. This is to maintain the right balance between work and private life and in practice seems to work really well. Working for a year in Paris, Sharon Au from Singapore cited a conversation with a local radio station about her slip-up due to ignorance of the regulations.

An employee who received an email from Sharon Au reported her to the HR department for sending her a message at 20:00 – after business hours. The human resources department applied an oral reprimand, and when the situation repeated three months later … Au got a movie ticket from her superiors to "started living life to the fullest after work instead of working".

This trivial example perfectly shows that sometimes it's worth stopping and logging out of social media, put the phone aside and just don't look into your email – unless your employment contract says otherwise. We should live definitely more offline than online and change our approach to work healthier.

And I'm telling you it's me, a computer-hooligan.

Source: Mothership