This inconspicuous case is a liquid-cooled PC with a 23-inch screen

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Small but crazy.
If you have already hundreds of similar modifications to desktop computer cases, you must see the work by Reddit user nickname thegarbz. An ingenious Internet user stated that he would not spend money on a gaming laptop, and instead would create his own non-completely-ultra-portable device that would be relatively convenient to move from place to place. This is how the Nuclear Football PC was created, i.e. a computer locked in a suitcase.

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Source: Thegarbz

Thegarbz puts on the reinforced Pelican 1525 case popular on the American market, which perfectly fits a 23-inch monitor screen. Yes, a talented designer did not just create an unusual PC case, but decided to create a laptop (though without an integrated keyboard and touchpad) with very high computing power. The only panel matching the design was the Dell P2319H monitor.

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Source: Thegarbz

The computer's computing power is provided by the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 chip, working with the NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super Founders Edition graphics card, as well as 16 GB of RAM. All components are plugged into the Gigabyte B450-i Aorus Pro Wi-Fi motherboard, whose outputs have obviously been led outside of the case. The whole configuration image is complemented by a very modest NVMe SSD with a capacity of just 256 GB. The originator claims, however, that he rarely plays more than one game at a time.

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Source: Thegarbz

The culmination of the crazy construction is the water cooling system, which significantly contributes to the high weight of the entire structure, which is as much as 12.1 kg. In this case, the Internet user put on a mix of Alphacool components and EKWB Classic Supremacy blocks for the processor and graphics card. Imagine that under load the processor works at a temperature of just 72 degrees at 70% of the speed of Noctua fans.

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Source: Thegarbz

Have you felt inspired to act? Or maybe your first crazy PCt projects are already behind you?

Source: Reddit @thegarbz