Theft of song lyrics may not go dry. Genius filed a lawsuit


LyricFind is the second defendant.

In June this year, we informed you about how Google got into it trap set by Genius Media, responsible for the website, which is the basis for numerous song lyrics and translations. Then it turned out that some of the song lyrics displayed in the Google search results were stolen from Genius. Now the case has its continuation.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Genius decided to filing a lawsuit against Google and LyricFind. In this lawsuit, Genius indicates that the LyricFind service (including the Mountain View giant licensed lyrics from this source) downloaded song lyrics from Genius, placing them in Google search results. Therefore, Genius is demanding $ 50 million from Google.

We remind you that Genius has proved that texts from his website appear in Google search results, with the help of a unique system of hidden watermarks. These watermarks were alternately inserted into the texts simple (') and oblique (' ') apostrophes. They corresponded to the symbols of the Morsa alphabet and formed the expression "Red Handed", which in Polish corresponds to the words "caught red-handed".

genius red handed

However, Genius did not detect traces of theft this year, but two years earlier, of which the rest of Google was immediately informed. However, since the search engine giant did not seem to do anything for Genius in this case, Genius decided to file a lawsuit.

Although Google was to conduct its own investigation of the accusations and planned to terminate cooperation with partners who adhere to unfair practices, it is not known whether this actually happened. Instead, the company began to show in the search results the source of the displayed song lyrics, blaming full responsibility for the origin of the lyrics on these sources, in particular LyricFind.

Alone LyricFind also disclaims responsibility for the whole matter. In its statement, the company stated that it could "Unwittingly take Genius texts from another source". Still, LyricFind offered Genius to remove any materials that the site considers problematic. Genius did not respond to this offer.

Of course, Genius is not the owner of the lyrics on his website. These are only hosted content, licensed from music labels. So, as Genius can't sue Google for theft, he sues the search giant for unethical and dishonest anti-competitive practices, and for violating Genius's terms of service.

Source: Wall Street Journal