The Your Phone app from now on making calls

your phone call


After three months, we finally got the update of the Your Phone application, which was announced in September this year. If you use smartphones with Android 7.0 or newer you will be able to make calls from your phone through your computer. Sounds good?

You sit in front of the computer with headphones on. The phone is ringing. Until now, you had to take off your headphones, reach for your smartphone and answer the call. From now on, it will be enough to download the application Your phone and pair your phone with a personal computer with Windows 10 to answer the call and make it from your PC using earphones (if you also have a microphone). Of course, it is also possible to make connections. The conversation can be interrupted at any time on the computer and continued on the phone – and vice versa.

If the new feature has not yet appeared in the tool installed on your computer, be patient. The software update is made available in waves and will eventually reach all users.

From the Your Phone application you can access your contact list and view the history of making calls. For a long time it is also possible to read and write SMSs and MMSs, as well as view photos.

You will find out how to configure the Your Phone application here. A Bluetooth connection is used to connect the computer with the smartphone.