The Wanking Simulator demo is here. The embarrassment peak reached?


Have fun.

When on May 12 I informed you about the announcement of Wanking Simulator, which is a simulator of what you are thinking about, I was quietly counting on the project being buried. In times of absolutely everything simulators and widespread foolishness of society, I think that the world and players really do not need a simulator of what-do-only-your-colleagues-and-you-not. And yet the publisher of Ultimate Games and the Polish developer MrCiastek think differently and boast about a playable demo of this … something.

How do the creators write about the game? MrCiastku announces that the gameplay in this 3D simulator will be very diverse. In addition to the possibilities of spreading "masturbation chaos", there will be melee, shooting, using objects (eg alcohol, grenades, stones and cigarettes), driving a car (racing and delivery), flying a balloon and special spells to create panic and chaos.

Wanking Simulator 03

Wanking Simulator will bring players including story mode – the main character is Winston Gay (you did not expect a sense of humor at a higher level?), whose indecent behavior turned out to be too "loud". His noisy activities led to the intervention of neighbors, as a result of which "corrupt authorities" deprived him of home. Winston remains only revenge on the inhabitants of Gay Bay (because you know, you understand …). Other modes created for one-man fun are also being prepared – the arena (I'm afraid to think what kind of competition it will be), challenges and a sandbox.

"The game created by MrCiastek is based on absurd and politically incorrect assumptions. This surreal and humorous simulator, which can be associated with the animated series South Park, will offer additional game modes, diverse locations and new activities on the day of release" – says CEO Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki.

As Ultimate Games S.A. emphasizes, Wanking Simulator is a title focused on humorous elements. The only sexual activity it will be masturbation of the main character, while the game will not see any genitals or organic fluids.


The release date of Wanking Simulator was set for the first quarter of 2020. Like what, Wanking Simulator demo you can download on Steam. Just tell me honestly: is anyone among you ready to spend your saved money on this game?