The Vatican is opening its own Minecraft server – you want to play it

Minecraft Vatican City

A great initiative.

Players who enjoy having fun in titles created for multiplayer are perfectly familiar with the problem of toxic behavior. Vulgar, rude or just irritating Internet users can effectively take away the pleasure of playing games such as CS: GO, Call of Duty or Minecraft. The creators of the highest-grossing titles often do too little to counteract this attitude of the community, so grassroots initiatives are created to respond to this problem. With the newest came out … Vatican.

Father Robert Ballecer decided to run official Minecraft Vatican server, which is to be a place free from aggression and friendly to players of all ages. Bellencer points out that new technologies should connect, not divide people. A 45-year-old priest in an interview with Rome Reports said:

"It's not about technology, it's not even about playing games. It's about gathering people who interact with each other and can later transfer their acquaintances to the real world."

You can find the Minecraft Vatican server by going to his official website, It is currently being tested and the interest in it is so high that it translates into the operation of the website. If this doesn't load, try connecting to it again a little later.

The Vatican has been doing a lot in recent years to keep up with new technologies and to successfully hit Christian values ​​in the hearts of young people. Suffice it to say that this year it went on sale … eRóżaniecthat can be purchased also in Poland.

Source: Rome Reports