The UK Parliament calls for a ban on lootboxes in games


Report published.

In-game boxes (called loot boxes or lootboxes) with random content are becoming the topic of discussion in other countries. The UK Parliament published an investigation report on lootboxes and their impact on players.

IN comprehensive report many aspects are highlighted "addictive technology". Among them, lootboxes have been particularly badly treated, which can cause addiction especially among younger players. Parliamentarians say that boxes containing a random element should be completely banned in all computer games directed at minors.

The report notes that so far there is no research indicating that lootboxes are safe for children and do not cause them any harm. In this situation, they should be banned.

Representatives of the gaming industry who derive stunning profits from this type of practice present a different task. In June this year, EA and Epic Games employees spoke to the British Parliament to defend the industry against allegations. EA Kerry Hopkins even compared boxes with random content to some kind of surprisesthat children love. Hopkins argued that the mechanisms implemented, among others, in FIFA are "fairly ethical and fun".

The House of Commons Committee recommended that boxes with random content in video games be regulated as gambling and regulated by law. It now remains to wait for the British government's movement. Electronic Arts in response to the published report promised that will look at the conclusions of the document. The company assures that it takes the responsibility of players of all ages very seriously and the recommendations presented in the report will be considered.