The Time Mashine age change filter in Snapchat will conquer the world

snapchat time mashine

Even better than FaceApp!

Earlier this year, the whole world went crazy about application FaceApp, whose algorithms allowed to age users on the basis of their photos. The enthusiastic approach to the app quickly diminished concerns about the storage of photos in the cloud of the Russian developer. Now Snapchat has come up with an even better proposition for lovers of photo fun.

The latest Snapchat feature named Time Mashine allows you to change your appearance on your smartphone screen live. By moving the slider to the left you will rejuvenate, and by moving it to the right you will add years. The Snapchat time machine works perfectly with both front and rear camera photos. The effects are really amazing – take a look yourself!

The Time Mashine filter is available in Snapchat in the filter selection box at the bottom of the interface.

The Snapchat update with the new function is available worldwide today. If you haven't received it yet, be patient! You will see

You can download Snapchat messenger for Android via our application database.