The tests were successful. YouTube for TVs with the new ad format

large advertisement 1

Oh …

Who likes ads – hand up. I thought so. That's the question for a hundred points – who likes ads covering half the screen? You don't have to say anything, I think I know the answer. The YouTube app for TVs has just been enriched by a new spot format, which we first heard about at the beginning of this year.

As reported by YouTube, tests of huge advertising panels were successful in selected markets. This means that the process of implementing the new format on a global scale has begun. Okay, but it's worth remembering what the title spots are supposed to look like. Just look at the screenshot below.

large advertisement 2

After launching the YouTube TV app, users will now see it large half-screen advertising panel (thankfully muted). Real magic begins to happen, however, when you do not go down the remote control or to another tab. Then the ad will go into full-screen mode (this time with sound).

Such a change can seriously interfere with the way YouTube is used on televisions. Immediately after starting the program you will need to either bypass or mute the sound. You don't always use the application a second after it starts.

Personally, I haven't noticed the new ad format yet – this is to appear to everyone within a few days or weeks.

Source: 9to5google