The smartphone holder with wireless charging from Navitel looks interesting

Navitel SH1000 Pro car holder

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Currently, almost every car driver uses Google Maps or another smartphone application available as navigation. Car accessories have become an indispensable accessory, allowing you to attach the phone in a visible place in such a way that it is always at hand. If you are using a smartphone that supports wireless charging, then handles with the function of wireless charging are an interesting proposition. The popular company Navitel has just presented its proposition.

Navitel SH1000 Pro 2

Navitel SH1000 Pro is a handle with built-in induction charging technology. The accessory is mounted on the air outlet grille in the car with the included clip. The gadget is extremely minimalistic. It will automatically open its arms with a maximum span of 82 mm when it detects that we are trying to insert our phone in it.

The maximum power of induction charging in Navitel SH1000 Pro is quite sensible 15 W. The equipment also has a USB Type-C connector to which you can connect chargers that support Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 with a maximum charging power of 24 W. The manufacturer has not forgotten to use the appropriate security – including accident against short circuit and overheating. Of course, you can also use the handle without using the wireless charging function.

Navitel SH1000 Pro 3

"The smartphone is currently a device without which many people cannot imagine everyday functioning. The introduction of the SH1000 PRO handle for sale is a nod to consumers who need an additional power source when planning further trips or short routes in the city. The new accessory in the Navitel offer stands out Importantly, the handle will also be used in smartphones without the option of inductive charging. In the near future we plan to expand the portfolio with more, innovative gadgets for drivers ", says Tobiasz Jankowski, CEO of Navitel Europe.

The price of Navitel SH1000 Pro is 159 usd and the device is now available for sale. The accessory kit includes a handle, mounting nut, USB Type-C cable, user manual and warranty card.