The services warn: do not use Windows 7 to log in to the bank or receive e-mails

Windows 7 services warn you

Stubborn say they are safe.

Today is the last day of free technical support that Microsoft has so far included in Windows 7 debuting in 2009. People who have still not decided on Free upgrade of your OS to Windows 10 and they chose no other for him alternatives they must take into account potential dangers. Not only the Redmond giant, but even special services warns against these.

Warning against Windows 7 issued by the British special service Government Communications Headquarters. Its representatives say directly: "you want to be safe? Give up Windows 7." British technology security experts warn against using this system when it is used for electronic banking and e-mail. These voices are accompanied by an opinion issued to Microsoft software by the government organization National Cyber ​​Security Center.

"NCSC encourages people using devices with Windows 7 to choose still supported systems that will allow them to continue to receive security updates. We encourage people using Windows 7 after the end of support period to transfer confidential data to devices with the current secure system."we read.

Passion for Windows 7 is as great in the personal computer users' environment as the passion for Windows XP. The premiere of Windows 7 followed the premiere of poorly received Vista, so for many people this system was a cure for all the "evil" which Vista had once given them and appeared to be almost perfect. Habits are hard to change. Currently, up to 26% of computer users still use Windows 7. Approximately 1.3% of PCt stands on Windows XP.

Despite warnings from different sides, users of Windows 7 persistently insisting on their favorite system say that "software will not become dangerous overnight". Many security experts would probably argue with this statement.

If you want to stay with Windows 7, check it out the best free anti-viruses for this platform. I remind you that the system anti-virus called Microsoft Security Essentials will also not be supported from today.