The scammer has extorted 47 thousand usd from a woman on the pretext of repairing her phone

47,000 phone

He had cheated other friends before.

Katowice police services are reporting a very unusual form of fraud. The criminal suggested his friend repair the phone. The repair cost a resident of Katowice … 47,000 zlotys. For this amount, the fraudster took a loan on her behalf through the bank's mobile application installed on the device.

This remains a secret how the man obtained access to the bank. Taking a loan requires logging into the bank's application and then authorizing each of the activities. While actions are often authorized by SMS codes, which are not difficult when you have a victim's smartphone, the second piece of the puzzle remains intriguing. It seems that the injured party could – like many people – keep their passwords in a Google Keep notebook application.

Remember to never store unencrypted passwords on your devices!

The perpetrator of the confusion has already been captured by the police. The man was detained in the center of Katowice. He had as many as 9 fake ID cards with his friends' data. Arrested for 3 months, the criminal was wanted by arrest warrant and was 9 years old before serving time.

fraud of 47,000
Source: Polish Police

"On the occasion of the detention, it turned out that since July 2019 the man has cheated a woman more than ten times for the amount of over usd 5,000. The 31-year-old impersonating other people has deceived not only his former acquaintance, but also financial institutions", says Agnieszka Żyłka from the Katowice police.

The man is threatened with up to 8 years in prison for the latest crime, which will be added to the unrealized sentence.

Source: Police