The Russians built Cybertruck – it's better than the previous one [wideo]

cybertruck russia 2

Citizens of Russia in shape.

The Russians apparently like it very much Cybertruck from Tesla. Soon after the premiere of this futuristic-looking electric car in Russia, its appeared first copy. While Cybertruck on the body of Lady built by Arti Volie from Pushka Garage was a project made "for the back", the latest construction based on UAZa is much more reminiscent of the original.

Another Cybertruck from Russia is a work created by an experienced team of car mechanics from Garage 54. The design, unlike the previous one, was not made of wood and other materials, which in the event of a collision do not provide even a minimum of safety. The chassis from was used here UAZaand the body was made of sheet metal. The whole construction looks impressive, even monumental. The design would benefit greatly if it was decided to varnish it and, in fact, it will soon undergo painting work.

cybertruck russia

CyberUAZ presented on the recording below showing the course of work to date will be improved and will soon receive the necessary elements of the interior. Of course, it will still remain only a kind of fantasy about the Tesla car, without electric drive, but … what do you think?