The Russians already have a fake Cybertruck. It can be yours for usd 42,000

tesla cybertruck from russia

Lada in the cyberpunk release.

It is said that almost every car currently produced has a fake in China. Chinese automotive companies are actually on their heads to release as many vehicles as possible more or less similar to their original models. Producers from the Middle Kingdom in their actions decided to outdo the Russian youtubers associated in a group called Pushka Garazh. They just created a riding "copy" … Cybetruck from Teslabefore it even went on sale.

Each of you at a price of 666,666 rubles (about 42,000 zlotys) can get Lada in a hatchback version encased in a body resembling Tesla Cybertruck in some way. Electric drive? Forget. You can count on unusual construction solutions. The car has no door and gets into it through … the trunk. Oh yes:

Russian Tesla Cybertruck

Russian Lada with body ulepionym by constructors possessing a nifty fantasy, it is not the safest vehicle on this planet. A 43-minute recording presenting details about building the project reveals that the issues related to passenger health in the event of an accident have been postponed to one of the plans. Russians can certainly not be denied ingenuity.

Would you risk riding a vehicle created by the Russians?

tesla cybertruck russia

Tesla Cybertruck will go on sale probably at the end of 20201. The cheapest version is to be valued at the equivalent of $ 39,900, or approximately usd 152,000.