The richest man in the world was probably hacked by WhatsApp

2020-01-22 113312

Technology has failed.

The Guardian states that Jeff Bezos, billionaire and creator of the power of the Amazon store, was hacked in 2018 after receiving a message by WhatsApp messengerwhich apparently was sent from the prince's personal account Saudi Arabia.

Digital forensic analysis showed that the message sent from the number used by Mohammed bin Salman contained malicious videowho infiltrated the telephone of the world's richest man.

This means that many sensitive data may have leaked, however The Guardian he has no idea what data was stolen and whether it was used.

"National Inquirer" affair

In January 2019, the tabloid "National Enquirer" published information about Bezos' affair with reporter Lauren Sanchez. Journalists said they obtained text messages and billionaire photos. Therefore, questions arise as to whether the Saudi prince had something to do with making this information public.

In April 2019, Amazon's CEO hired a security consultant who said Saudi Arabia had access to Jeff Bezos's phone and was obtaining his private information.

It is also said that the burglary may have been related to the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Washington Post (belonging to Bezos) cooperated with the Saudi and described in detail the case of his murder.

Source: The Guardian