The Polish Space Agency will cooperate with NASA. Contract signed


What are the representatives of both organizations betting on?

People representing the Polish Space Agency POLSA they signed a cooperation agreement with Jim Birdenstin from NASA. Both Agencies strive not only to create new technological solutions, but also count on cooperation with each other in the field of space exploration and gaining scientific benefits from this. Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said that the cooperation agreement would also translate into positives in the economic context – for both Poles and Americans. Emilewicz sees a great opportunity in space development of Polish scientists and entrepreneurs.

Over the past 40 in international space missions, Poles' solutions have often supported important projects – among them more than 80 instruments designed and constructed only by Polish scientists and engineers. 7 years of our country's participation in the European Space Agency has allowed us to come into existence and earn as many as 350 enterprises. Polish scientists have supplied sensors, probes and other components to landers such as Mars Curiosity and Insight NASA. Both the Polish Space Agency and NASA do not intend to stop at this.


In the background of cooperation between POLSA and NASA there is also permanent activity on the Moon and around it – the whole is to take place as part of the American Artemis program, which assumes the return of astronauts to the surface of our natural satellite by 2024. Although Poland will be one of many countries cooperating with the Americans, closer relations may also help scientists in faster development of methods allowing to reach even the surface of Mars.

During the meeting in Washington, representatives of the Polish Space Agency also stated that the institution will need more funding from the state budget. Researchers will also need to convince the public to find support for increased spending on 'space purposes'.

However, the new agreement with NASA allows us to look with a great deal of hope into the future.

Source: PAP