The Polish Embassy in the USA: the Witcher series is based on the game

oznmin netflix a mishap of the Polish embassy

Sapkowski must be delighted.

Andrzej Sapkowski is creator of the character of Geralt of Rivia, the popular Witcher who used the CD Projekt RED studio as a base to create three fantastic games. It's a fact that basically everyone is aware of, even if only a little familiar with the culture of the Internet user. However, a popular internet joke (basically a meme) says that it was Sapkowski's books that were based on games. It is repeated only to irritate the sometimes impetuous writer. The joke was not the post of the Polish embassy in the United States, which certainly raised pressure for Sapkowski.

The Polish embassy decided to give a poorly thought-out post about the first reviews of the Netflix series, which Netflix began to create. An embassy employee wrote on Facebook that "Game of Thrones fans may soon find a new favorite series for themselves". The next sentence read: "Who else is excited about the prospect of watching a series based on the popular Polish computer game, in December 2020? "

oznmin netflix mishap of the embassy

As you probably guessed, under the post literally swarmed with comments of outraged Internet users. The post was quickly edited, and the author admitted that "took him a little". In the edited post you can read that the series is based on a series of books created by Andrzej Sapkowski, which were popularized by games by CD Projekt RED.

It happens, though, it must be admitted that the slip-up was extremely unfortunate and funny, as it fitted perfectly into the current of posts of Internet users eagerly trolling the Polish author.