The passenger connected the PS4 console to the television at the airport to play while waiting for the flight

2020-01-18 201433

Real player.

There is no shortage of amazing photos of players in unusual places on the web. It looks like the latest case beats everything we've seen so far.

As reported The sun citing KXL News, the man aroused interest in service at Portland International Airport after he hooked up to one of the screens next to the tables with the timetable. It turned out to be a traveler connected the console to the TV and tried to play Apex Legends.

A spokesman for Portland Airport, Kama Simonds, told the news service that the man was asked to disconnect the console because passengers need information that is placed on the screens (ads were displayed on them …).

2020-01-18 201611 The man connected the PS4 to the screen at the airport in Portland / Photo. Reddit

The player sitting on a small and certainly uncomfortable chair tried to convince the airman service that he must finish the game, he was refused.

As you can see, there are many ways to kill boredom while waiting for a flight. However, it turns out that attempting to use public screens can be risky.

There are airports in the world that meet the expectations of players. Texas Airport recently launched two new video game arcades for bored or delayed passengers. Singapore Changi Airport, one of the largest in the world, also has a game zone with Xbox and Playstation consoles.

2020-01-18 201229Dallas Forth Worth airport in Texas / Photo. Gameway
2020-01-18 201053Games area at the airport in Singapore / Photo. Qin Xie