The owners of cheaper iPhones stick their dummy cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro

iphone 11 pro fake


In many countries around the world, iPhones are simply treated as solid, proven devices that work well. In countries like Poland, they are still a kind of luxury and are often used as a symbol of social status. Just for people with mainly cheap clutches in their heads, special camera dummies have been created which make older Apple smartphones similar to the newest and most expensive iPhone 11 Pro.


On the popular AliExpress website you will find a lot of mockups designed for iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR smartphones. Just stick a fun lens kit on the back panel of the housing and … voila! The environment thinks you're using the latest, expensive iPhone 11 Pro. Embarrassing? Yes, but as you can see there is no shortage.

Why spend quite a lot of money on the original Apple smartphone of the previous generation to later make it a caricature of a newer model? The answer to this can be found above in the text: it's all about wanting to show yourself.

To think that there were jokes in the network earlier that the "ordinary" iPhone 11 can be "improved" by attaching one lens to it. Apparently some entrepreneurial Chinese thought it would sell and he was right. We live in a time of ubiquitous clutter and posturingso this plan just had to burn out.

Source: AliExpress, Twitter