The owner of the site illegally providing the Belfer series was convicted

30/09/2019 150959

The judgment is final.

In the era of streaming services and affordable access to digital content, piracy is on the back. Of course, illegal websites are still appearing on the Internet, where you can watch original content broadcast on digital platforms for free.

The owner of the distributed original television content in the form of episodes of the second season "Belfer". Section dw. with the TV piracy of the CANAL + Platform, and the actions led to the conviction of the offender by a final judgment. Penalty 8 months restriction of liberty is already underway.

The CANAL + platform first addressed the website owner (formerly calls for the cessation of illegal activities, but they were unsuccessful. Shared recordings were secured and forwarded to law enforcement authorities.

The court considered that the accused's guilt was beyond doubt. Interestingly, the website owner did not use his own hosting, and the videos were placed on external servers (they were embedded on the site simply in the form of a player).

It seems that we are dealing with an important judgment of a Polish court, which may become a point of reference in similar cases.

Source: CANAL +