The Ombudsman for Children declares war on patostreamers – he wants to cut them off from money

declaration against patents

Fight in a just cause.

Yesterday, Poland was signed "Declaration of cooperation for the safety of children and young people on the Internet". She is commitment to take the necessary actions to protect children and young people online. The document was signed by the Minister of Digitization Marek Zagórski, Ombudsman for Children, Mikołaj Pawlak and representatives of the Police, NASK, Polish Television, leading mobile operators, as well as representatives of Microsoft and several major editorial offices in Poland.

"Money made from cyberbullying, patostream and pornography is a slime of the Internet", said Mikołaj Pawlak. "You need to act and change the law as soon as possible to cut off people who propagate dangerous content."

The Ombudsman for Children's Rights had no problem with the indication one of the main threats – patostreamers.

"They show live libations, fights, vulgar conversations and pornography. During one of the broadcasts, the patostreamer kicked his own grandmother, another on the victim's head smashed the bottle, and another urged a 12-year-old girl to expose herself in front of the camera.", we read in the message.

Research shows that half of teenagers are already watching patents on the Internet – this is terrifying data.

The signatories' goal will not only be to exert pressure on websites that are of any habitat pathology, but also to promote valuable content and organize social campaigns aimed at improving the quality of content reaching young people.

We are interested in the first effects of this cooperation – it certainly won't be easy. The situation will probably not improve as long as the law in Poland is not more effectively enforced in relation to the online activity of some Poles.

Source: polskieradio24. Ombudsman for Children