The NVIDIA charity stream will start on December 13th, it's worth joining


Charity initiative of players.

For the fifth year in a row, well-known players, e-athletes, and online personalities are closing the line to make during 60 hours of online broadcast raise as much money as possible for those in need. This time, the donations collected will fund the Association's account for the poor brothers and will be used to help seniors suffering from loneliness and a difficult life situation.

Last year, event participants questioned the patients of the Rehabilitation Clinic at the Children's Health Center, and earlier there were collections for the DKMS foundation gathering potential bone marrow donors, the Cape Nadziei oncology clinic and the patients of the Budzik Clinic, fighting to wake up those in a coma. Thanks to the donors' favor, we have managed to collect a considerable amount of usd 250,000 this way. Golden.

The main issue will be held on December 13-15, 2019 during 60-hour internet broadcast. During it, over 60 invited guests, including well-known esports players and online personalities who, together with their fans, will try to collect the largest amount possible to help those in need. The collection is supported by online auctions where you can bid on several valuable and unique things related to broadly understood gaming.

A detailed transmission schedule and action details can be found on the event page. You can also make deposits using the PayPal payment system and track collection progress.